What is the University of No Where?

The University of No Where* is the metaphysical university that aims to be a centre of higher learning and research in cyberspace. There are currently three Academes in the University of No Where: Academe of Philosophical Studies, Academe of Literary Studies, and Academe of Historical Studies. Each Academe contains many Houses. Houses in the Academe of Philosophical Studies include:

1. House of History of Philosophy
2. House of Philosophy of History
3. House of Metaphysics
4. House of Theoretics
5. House of Epistemology
6. House of Philosophy of Mind
7. House of Philosophical Logic
8. House of Philosophy of Mathematics
9. House of Philosophy of Language
10. House of Philosophy of Psychology
11. House of Ethics
12. House of Aesthetics
13. House of Analytic Philosophy
14. House of Philosophy of Science
15. House of Philosophy of Religion
16. House of Philosophy of the Social Sciences
17. House of Political Philosophy
18. House of Eastern Philosophy
19. House of Continental Philosophy
20. House of Pseudophilosophy

Houses in the Academe of Literary Studies include:

1. House of Cultural Studies
2. House of Comparative Literature
3. House of Structuralism
4. House of Semiotics
5. House of Post-Structuralism
6. House of Deconstruction
7. House of Feminism
8. House of Formalism
9. House of Russian Formalism
10. House of Hermeneutics
11. House of Philology
12. House of Marxism
13. House of New Criticsm
14. House of New Historicism
15. House of Post-Colonialism
16. House of Psychoanalysis
17. House of Reader Response
18. House of Rhetoric
19. House of Prose
20. House of Poetry
21. House of Creative Writing

Houses in the Academe of Historical Studies include:

1. House of 20th Century World History
2. House of Modern European History
3. House of Modern Eastern Asian History
4. House of Modern Southeastern Asian History
5. House of Southern Asian History
6. House of Middle Eastern History
7. House of Jewish History
8. House of Roman Civilisation
9. House of Greek Civilisation
10. House of Egyptology
11. House of Archaeology
12. House of Military History
13. House of Intellectual History
14. House of Art History
15. House of Religious History
16. House of History of Science

These are the abbreviations you may encounter on the University.

  • UNOW: University of No Where.
  • UNOWRCASTE: University of No Where Research Centre for the Advancement of Secondary and Tertiary Education.
  • NOWUP: No Where University Press.
  • APS: Academe of Philosophical Studies.
  • ALS: Academe of Literary Studies.
  • AHS: Academe of Historical Studies.

*Please note that the correct name is 'University of No Where' not 'University of Nowhere'.


3 Responses to “What is the University of No Where?”

  1. University of No Where » Blog Archive » 28th Philosophers’ Carnival Says:

    […] Welcome to the 28th Philosophers' Carnival and the Academe of Philosophical Studies at the University of No Where. This carnival, as well as other past ones, aims to present some of the most enlightening philosophical posts from many different weblogs for the reading pleasure of philosophically-inclined readers. […]

  2. Mansha Says:

    How does one apply and study to academy of philosiphy

  3. htpccaseDeborah Says:

    I just found this forum and I must say that I’m glad I did. I hope to bring something to the community as I have already found some interesting topics.

    Hailing from the Dirty South (United States for those that don’ know).

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